Facebook Lead Ads (via Zapier)

You can send in your leads capture via Facebook Lead Ads through Zapier by creating a Zap.

Step 1: Create a New Zap in your Zapier account

Step 2: Choose "Facebook Lead Ads" as the Trigger App

Step 3: Select the New Lead Trigger and click on Save + Continue

Step 4: Connect your Facebook Account to Zapier by clicking on Connect an Account

Step 5: To get started, connect your Facebook Lead Ads account to Zapier.

Step 6: With your account connected, click "Continue" in order to select the Facebook Page and Form (Lead Ad) to involve in this Zap.

If all steps were successful your Facebook Lead Ads account will now be successfully connected.

Tip: During your Zap's trigger test stage we'll get some fake dummy data from Facebook. If you want to get a real sample to better map our your Action template with, during your test steps follow this guide to submit a test lead from Facebook.

Step 6: Select Email by Zapier as an action

Step 7: Select the Send Outbound Email action

Step 8: Make sure to fill these details as per the instructions below:

Step 9: The To field should contain your customer Aiva lead email address.

Step 10: Separately, we request that you make the Subject line something that identifies the type of ad that you are running – i.e. Subject: New Facebook Lead - <Ad Name> – so that we can write rules on our side to assign the appropriate script with the appropriate questions.

Step 11: We request that you set things up in Zapier so that the body of the new lead emails come in the following exact format:

Name: {{name_tag}}
Email: {{email_tag}} 
Phone: {{phone_tag}} 
Source: Facebook 
Type: Website
Campaign: {{fb_campaign_tag}}
Ad set: {{fb_adset_tag}}
Ad: {{fb_ad_tag}}

This would cause the actual email's body to look something like this:

Name: Bob Smith
Phone: +16625098822
Email: bobsmith@gmail.com
Source: Facebook
Type: Website
Campaign: Buyer Lead Gen
Ad set: Dallas Buyers
Ad: List of Homes

Step 12: Click on Continue and turn your Zap ON

Additional Notes

  • Generic Buyer Leads. By default leads from Zapier will use the Default Website script in your account, this is controlled by this line in the email:

Type: Website

  • Specific Property Buyers. For buyer leads referencing a specific property (ie. Buyer Lead for 123 Elm St.) you should set the Type to Buyer so that the Default Buyer script is used in your account and add the address to the email body like so:

Type: Buyer
Address: 134 Elm St.

  • Full Name vs. First/Last Name. Depending on how you set up your Facebook Ads, you might be capturing First and Last Names separately, if you're capturing them separately, replace the Name line with First Name and Last Name like so:

First Name: {{first_name_tag}}
Last Name: {{last_name_tag}}

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