Facebook Lead Ads via Zapier

You will need to use Zapier to send in your leads captured via Facebook Lead Ads to.

Before you get started, you will need to have the following:

  • Zapier account (It's free!)
  • Aiva Zapier API Key which can be found under Account > Integrations
  • Facebook Ads account
Please note that this is a technically involved setup, if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, please email us your Zapier credentials and we'd be happy to take care of it for you.

Part 1: Send in Leads from Facebook

First we'll create a Zap that runs whenever a new lead comes in from your Facebook Lead Ads.

Step 1: Create a New Zap in your Zapier account

Step 2: Choose "Facebook Lead Ads" as the Trigger App

Step 3: Select the New Lead Trigger and click on Save + Continue

Step 4: Connect your Facebook Account to Zapier by clicking on Connect an Account and logging into your Facebook account

Step 5: With your account connected, click "Continue" in order to select the Facebook Page and Form (Lead Ad) to involve in this Zap

If all steps were successful your Facebook Lead Ads account will now be successfully connected.

Tip: During your Zap's trigger test stage, Zapier will get some fake dummy data from Facebook. If you want to get a real sample to better map our your Action template with, during your test steps follow this guide to submit a test lead from Facebook.

Part 2 - Send your Leads into Aiva

Now we'll work on setting up the second part of your Zap which will send your Facebook Leads into Aiva.

Step 1: Click on the Add a Step button

Step 2: Now click on the Action/Search option

Step 3: Search for the Hire Aiva Zap under Choose an Action App like so:

Step 4: Select the New Lead action, then click Save + Continue:

Step 5: Zapier will ask you to connect your Hire Aiva account, click on Connect an Account

Step 6: In the popup window you should paste your Aiva Zapier API key so Zapier know which Aiva account to send leads into and click Yes, Continue

Step 7: Next, you will see your Aiva account show up, make sure it is selected and click Save + Continue

Step 8: Now you will need to fill in various fields for each component of a lead, below we have additional information on what each field means and how to set it up successfully.

Name - This is the lead's name and it is completely optional. While we recommend capturing the name whenever possible to personalize communication, it is not required.

NOTE: If you are capturing First and Last Name Separately, just include both the tags in there separated by a space

Email Address - This is the lead's email address and it is optional as well.

Phone Number - This is the lead's phone number and is a required field. 

NOTE: If you expect that some leads might have a missing phone number, please add a + before the phone number

Lead Source - This is the name of the website or service you are generating your leads from. This is a required field and should be something descriptive like Facebook or SantaMonicaHomes.com to help you determine where this lead came from. Also, this field can be used to segment your leads in the Analytics dashboard.

Property Address - This is the property this lead is inquiring about or looking to sell. This is an optional field and only makes sense for buyers and sellers. Aiva will use this information to personalize communication with the lead.

Lead Type - This is the type of this lead. This is a required field and is necessary to clue in our team on the context to use for this lead. Aiva supports five types of leads:

  • Buyer - someone looking to buy a home (eg. showing request, listing inquiry)
  • Seller - someone looking to sell their home
  • Website - buyer that signed up on your website or via Facebook (not associated with a specific property)
  • Renter - someone looking to rent
  • Mortgage - someone looking for home financing

Script - The script to use for this lead. Pick a script in your Aiva account that should be used to communicate with this lead. This is a required field and must be set.

Facebook Campaign Name - This is an optional field and is simply used for informational purposes for you to trace each lead back to the Facebook Campaign Name they were generated from.

Step 9: After you have filled out the Zap Template, click Continue

Step 10: You will be presented with a preview of your sample lead data that will be sent to Aiva, please double check that you have linked up all fields correctly

Step 11: Once you've verified the sample lead information, you should click on Skip Test (1) and then Finish (2)

Step 12: Now go ahead and turn on your Zap by sliding the OFF button into the ON position

You're all set! Your Facebook Lead Ad leads will now start flowing into Aiva. You can always make changes to your Zap anytime or create multiple Zaps for different Facebook Lead Ad forms to feed leads into different scripts.

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