Stop Contact with a Lead

Aiva will always end contact with a lead once a lead has been marked qualified as Interested, qualified as Not Interested, called your Aiva virtual number, replied to an email, or if they have been Unresponsive despite all our attempts to contact them.

Should you need to dis-engage Aiva from contacting a lead any further, you can use our Stop Contact feature both on our online dashboard and our mobile app.

Please note after clicking Stop Contact on a lead, it will automatically move to the Taken Over category.

Stopping Contact on the Aiva Dashboard

You can also have Aiva to stop or suspend all contact with a lead at any time, by heading over to the lead profile in our web application and clicking on  Stop Contact like so:

Stopping Contact on the Aiva Mobile App

You can also do this on our mobile app by clicking on the lead, then scrolling down, and clicking on the  Stop Contact button:

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