Real Estate Webmasters Leads (New)

Step 1 - Head over to your Real Estate Webmasters site's backend and login with your admin login and password

Tip: For example, if your website is, your backend can be found at

Step 2 - Click on the icon on the top right with three bars, this will open up a menu, go ahead and click on Company

Step 3 - Select Agents on the left menu, and click on the main agent on your team that receives all lead notifications

Step 4 - On the top of the page click on Agent Summary, then click on Notifications

Step 5 - Scroll down to the two sections below, click on Add CC, and paste in your Aiva email address like so:

New leads are assigned
New inquiries and form submissions are received

Where can I find my Aiva email address?

Step 6 - Make sure to click Save on the bottom right of the screen to save your changes

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