Real Geeks Integration

Aiva can automatically sync lead activity including texts, emails, and voicemails back into your Real Geeks system so you can use one system to stay organized and manage your leads.

Step 1: Navigate to the integrations page by clicking on Account, then on the Integrations tab

Step 2: Click on the Real Geeks logo, you should see this pop up appear

Step 3: Click on the link that says "authorizing and enabling ..." or you can also visit this link:
Step 4: Select the site you want Aiva to sync your conversations into by checking the blue box next to the site's name
Step 5: Copy the code underneath the site's name mixed with numbers and letters and hit save
Step 6: Paste the code into the Real Geeks pop up on the Aiva integrations page and click Secure Connect
That's it! Your lead activity in Aiva will automatically be sync-ed to your Real Geeks account.

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