Why was my lead email rejected?

If your lead email was rejected by Aiva you will receive an email with the subject line " Could not process lead". There are several reasons why you might have received this email.
  1. It's not a valid lead email. The email did not contain valid lead information, you might have accidentally sent a non-lead email (personal, newsletter, weekly report, etc.), any email not containing valid lead information is automatically rejected
  2. The email was a test lead. Emails with names like "Test" or "Test Lead" or "Aiva Test" are automatically rejected. If you'd like to try sending in a test lead, please contact our support team for assistance.
  3. The lead had no valid contact information. In order to contact a lead our system needs a valid US or Canadian cell phone number or a valid email, if both pieces of information are missing, the email is automatically rejected.
  4. The email was manually forwarded. Unfortunately, we do not accept leads manually forwarded into our system. Manually forwarded leads prevent us from delivering a speedy response time as our system relies on recognizable email formats.
  5. The lead had an international, landline, or invalid number. Our system can only process leads that have a valid United States or Canadian number. If the lead contains only a phone number and the phone number is not a valid USA or Canadian number, the lead will be automatically rejected. Example of rejected numbers can be +64 1234 1231 (international), 123-000-0000 (invalid).

If you believe your lead email was rejected in error, please forward a copy of the rejected email to our support team to investigate.

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