Merge Tags for Scripts

Here are a list of merge tags you can use in your scripts and follow up actions:
Tag Description Example
{{first_name}} Lead's first name Stacey
{{name}} Lead's name Stacey Whitman
{{property_address}} Address inquired about 123 Elm St.
{{concierge_name}} Name of your concierge Aiva
{{concierge_name_and_role}} Name of your concierge and context about your team and company Aiva from John Smith's team at eXp Realty
{{aiva_phone}} Your Aiva phone 212-555-1234
{{agent_name}} The user's full name John Realtor
{{assigned_agent_name}} Full name of the assigned agent Stacey Whitman
{{agent_first_name}} The user's full name John
{{assigned_agent_first_name}} First name of the assigned agent Stacey
What if the merge tag data is missing or empty?
To make your merge tags robust you have to account for the cases where the tag is empty or missing. For example, a lead may not have submitted a name, or the address may be missing, in that case, you can add a filter to a tag like this to use an alternate copy :
Hi {{first_name|ifmissing("there")}}
This message will become " Hi Sarah" if the lead's name is Sarah and " Hi there" if the lead is missing a name or did not provide one. You can customize the phrase " there" with anything else that may make sense in context.
Common Merge Tags
Here are some common tags that you can use in case the lead is missing certain key information:
Use the lead's first name, but if missing substitute with "there"
Use the property Address, but if missing use "a listing"
{{property_address|ifmissing("a listing")}}

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