Aiva Phone Number

Your account is automatically assigned a custom local phone number that matches the same area code as the phone number you have signed up with.

You can see this phone number by heading over to your Aiva account and then clicking on Settings. You should find the number under the label Concierge Number.

Please note that:

  • Our concierges communicate with your leads from this phone number
  • Any calls to your Aiva number are automatically forwarded to your phone number linked to your account (or to the assigned agent's account)
  • We cannot always find a phone number in the same area code as you, especially if the area code is full (eg. 212), in this case our system will try to find a number in a nearby or overlay area code
  • If you need to change the area code of the number Aiva texts your leads from please file a request with our support team and we'd be happy to process it for you!

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