Real Geeks Leads

Step 1 - Head over to your Real Geeks account at

Step 2 - Navigate over to the Settings page by clicking on the Settings tab on the top

Step 3 - Paste your email address into the field called Alternate Emails like so

Where can I find my Aiva email address?

Tip: If you already have an existing Alternate Email, please add a comma and paste in your email after it. There should be NO SPACES between any of the emails, Real Geeks does not seem to like spacing between emails

Step 4 - Go ahead and scroll down to the Notifications section

Step 5 - Under Your notification settings, make sure your Alternate email will receive notifications for "New leads" and "Seller Leads valuation inquiry" events like so:

Step 6 - Aiva will now receive your new leads from your Real Geeks website! If you have multiple Real Geeks website please follow the same instructions for each one.

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